For more than a decade we have brought people together for coffee, wine, beer & food in a fun, casual environment. Whether you are meeting friends, colleagues or just looking to meet someone new Bodega has you covered for a good time, all that’s needed is you. Come on in. 

Our Story


Sure, we used to think Sam Malone was pretty cool, but it made us want to drive a Corvette rather than pour drinks for a living. It all started way back in 2001. We were hanging out with some friends and wanted to find a casual place to grab a glass of wine. A wine lounge with good music and a conversation-friendly atmosphere. Living room-ish. But we didn’t want to be somewhere that required us to be wine experts, spend a lot of money, or even talk about wine much (if at all). We looked hard. We found nothing. So we ended up drinking wine at a friend’s house. The more we thought about it (and the more we drank), we decided we should just open our own wine bar. It still sounded like a good idea the next morning, so we decided to try and make it a reality. This is how Bodega was born. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Our Manifesto

Have Fun

That’s the whole point of all this, isn’t it? We tried to create a casual, comfortable place for you to kick back and relax, the rest is up to you.

Don't Take Things Too Seriously

Especially wine. It doesn’t matter to us what you do or don’t know about it. We opened Bodega because we prefer to just drink it. Salud!


Our food is good for sharing, if you’re into that kind of thing. Feel free to make a friend if you didn’t bring one. We can introduce you to someone if you like.

Trust No One

Don’t worry about what the wine critics have to say. If you like it, then it’s good. We make up our own minds around here. Feel free to join us.
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