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Can I reserve a table for 2?

For groups of 1-9, just come in and find a seat and we’ll find you. We only take a few reservations for parties of 10 or more with 48 hours notice.

I’m going to be late, what do I do?

Hopefully your parents taught you that early is on time. If you are more than 20 minutes late we will give away your space, and we will think you don’t care. Show us you care.

How do I book a party for tonight or tomorrow night?

Hop in your Delorean and go back in time 48 hours. We do not take same day OR next day reservations. We do leave most of the bar open for walk-ins, so you are welcome to come try to take over some space for your group.

Can I book a party before 5pm?

Pasadena – Sometimes we do! Depends on the size of your party & what else we have going on that day.

Santa Monica – Nope. But we do operate as a coffee bar all day starting at 8am & seating is first come first served. We serve alcohol all day, and our kitchen is closed from 2pm-5pm.

What’s up with reservations on Wednesdays in Santa Monica?

We are no longer taking reservations on Wednesdays in Santa Monica, both for our sanity and your dining experience. It’s just too crazy and fun #humblebrag. Book your big parties on other nights, & come with a couple of friends and enjoy $20 bottles on Wednesdays.

Can I bring my 20 year old cousin?

We are a bar, strictly 21 & over after 5pm.

Can I show up in cut off jean shorts?

That’s a person question, but we don’t have a dress code, so rock on with your bad self.

Can I bring balloons &/or party decorations?

You betcha. Party time. Excellent.

Do you have valet?

We do not. The better question is “Why do you have a car?”

Pasedena – We validate the mall parking lots for 90 minutes, and the max with validation is $6.

Santa Monica – Meters are free on the street after 6pm and parking isn’t too bad, so i’m told.

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